• Obtuse Pleated Blinds - Extended

    Obtuse Blinds

    This wide-fronted Victorian style conservatory from Anglian has 4 obtuse-angled roof panels.

    Only pure™ Pleated Blinds can be made as fully-operational obtuse blinds, as required by an Anglian guarantee.

  • Obtuse Pleated Blinds - Retracted

    Retracted Obtuse Blinds

    It may not look like there are any blinds fitted, but look back at the previous image. They are just all retracted!

    Our unique obtuse pleated blinds can often be made to retract almost as flat as standard blinds ...much neater and slimmer than any other obtuse blind in the UK.

  • Obtuse Pleated Blinds

    No rails or infills

    This image was taken by one of our installers. It shows just how neatly our obtuse blinds fit.

    There are no extra rails fixed across the glass and there are no fan-shaped fabric infills.

  • Pinoleum Obtuse Blinds

    Obtuse Pinoleum Roof

    This conservatory has steeply obtuse-angled roof glazing.

    Only Conservatory Blinds Limited can make obtuse angled roof blinds like these, that fit neatly between the rafters and yet still operate.

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Obtuse Blinds

A lot of conservatories have obtuse shaped roof panels, but only Conservatory Blinds Limited has the technology to make a fully operational obtuse blind.

Obtuse triangles have a greater base angle than 90 degrees, which means that they lean backwards. You will find that any blind salesman encountering this will either suggest an oversized blind that also covers an adjacent pane of glass, or will tell you that the blind will need a fixed area at the base.

Our unique obtuse blinds can nearly always be fully operated and do not need to be made in two, with a fixed rail and fan-shaped infill of fabric.

Because most UPVC conservatory roof manufacturers require an individual blind layout, and because timber conservatories nearly always look much more attractive with blinds fitted between the rafters, we have developed a unique obtuse blind.

Not only do our obtuse manual blinds completely retract, they also have the ability to be made to a very narrow top apex (just 59mm) so that they fit much further up than any other blinds, so cover much more of the glass. Even our pinoleum blinds can be made into obtuse shaped triangles, so they can be fitted neatly.

To actually see an obtuse blind, contact us for a free quotation because our Sales Team all have real blinds that you can compare in your own conservatory.

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They did a superb job from the initial consultation to the finished product. The blinds work really well, cutting glare but not light and they have not sagged or snagged in daily operation. Our conservatory is a complicated shape with a hipped roof, the blinds had to be made to measure individually. They all fitted first time. The fitter was highly skilled and efficient.


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