• Conservatory Roof Blinds

    Conservatory Roofs

    Specifically purpose-designed for the unique way that we build and use conservatories in the UK.

    The only conservatory roof blinds specifically designed for all UK conservatories, unlike any other blind system.

  • Long Roof Blinds

    Long Roof Blinds

    We can provide conservatory roof blinds that are up to 5m long.

    Our unique technology means that we can install roof blinds into any UK conservatory without compromise.

  • All Conservatory Roof Blinds

    For All Conservatories

    Because we designed the entire blind system and actually make the components, we developed very specific roof blinds for all conservatory manufacturers so they fit neater and look like they are meant to be there.

  • Operating Roof Blinds

    Operating Roof Blinds

    Our conservatory roof blinds are designed to reduce heat, cold, UV and glare without darkening your conservatory.

    But when you do want to operate them they are very easy to move because of our unique adjustable handles and telescopic operating rod.

  • Remote Control Roof Blinds

    Remote Control

    Remote control conservatory roof blinds available with our unique puresolo™ system.

    The only truly purpose-designed remote control conservatory roof blinds in the UK.

    Simultaneous operation, zone control and individual operation.

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Conservatory Roof Blinds

Genuine conservatory roof blinds that have actually been developed specifically for UK conservatories means that they fit better, operate much easier, and stay looking like new for much, much longer.

Not only are we the only company to have designed a complete roof blind system specifically for UK conservatories, but we are the only company to specify the individual roof blinds layout with the 15mm air gap required by most conservatory guarantees, without creating any light gaps.

Our roof blinds have a choice of 8 standard rail colours with unique colour coordinated components. It is this attention to detail that makes them look so much more professional. Our shaped blinds even have colour coordinated fixings for the rafters so that they look so much more integrated.

Conservatory roof blinds also benefit from colour coordinated cords and even a choice of coloured silicone impregnated stainless steel supporting micro-cables, but the real benefit is the quick-release system that means you can clean your blinds and conservatory without the need for any tools or specialist knowledge.

Because we actually design and manufacture the system ourselves, rather than buy it in like other companies, we have developed unique mounting profiles for different makes of conservatories so that they fit beautifully and don’t look like a cumbersome afterthought.

Unique technology means that our roof blinds fit so much neater around tie bars, roof bosses and mouldings plus, because they benefit from adjustable handles, they are easy to operate manually or with our market-leading remote control system.

For more information on how our roof blinds can fit in your conservatory compared to others, contact us for a free quotation. Our Sales Team carry every single blind type, shape and system for you to see in your home.

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We would like to say that we are delighted with our conservatory blinds purchased from Conservatory Blinds Limited. 

The experience from start to finish has been very professional especially Arnaud (our Salesman) and Stuart (our Installer).

We chose CBL after having visits and quotations from five of the main conservatory blinds suppliers as we felt CBL offered the best product and the best advice. We would have no hesitation recommending CBL.


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