• Neat Fitting Roof Blinds

    Neat Fitting Roof Blinds

    We can fit blinds that go horizontally across the bottom of the lantern, for a neat way to cover the space while using a minimal amount of blinds.

  • Individual Roof Blinds

    Individual Roof Blinds

    We can provide neat fitting shaped roof blinds that fit next to the glass of the lantern, for the neatest possible look.

    This way, you get total shading from heat and glare, and still get to keep the extra space a roof lantern gives you.

  • Fewer Blinds Needed

    Fewer Blinds Needed

    With horizontal blinds, you can total protection from heat and glare at a cheaper cost, at the expense of losing some of the extra space a lantern roof gives you.

  • A Comfortable Room

    A Comfortable Room

    With either Duette® or our Solar Design™ fabrics you can easily keep the heat and glare out of a room with a lantern roof.

    Enjoy a more comfortable room throughout the year.

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Blinds for Lantern Roofs

We can fit blinds into a lantern roof in one of several ways, including shaped blinds against the glass or horizontal blinds across the bottom of the lantern.

Fitting blinds to a lantern roof can be an excellent way to control the temperature in a room, as well as reduce glare and protect your furniture from UV.

There are two main ways to fit blinds to a lantern roof: directly against the glass using shaped roof blinds, or across the bottom of the lantern using horizontal blinds. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so it comes down to personal preference, and the layout of your roof lantern.

Individual Blinds
This involves fitting blinds to the rafters of the roof using shaped blinds, in the same way we would for a standard conservatory roof. Because of the height of most lanterns, we generally recommend remote control operation for these types of blinds.


  •  Individual blind layout gives you more control over what parts of the room you want to keep shading.
  • Neat & integrated appearance: the blinds look like a natural part of the room even when retracted.
  • Provides shading while still keeping the large open feeling a lantern roof provides.
  • Can be used in any shape of lantern roof


  • Requires more blinds, and so is a more expensive option.

Horizontal Ceiling Blinds
These blinds are fitted across the bottom of the lantern roof in the same plane as the rest of the ceiling, and run along aluminium rails either side of the blind.


  • Requires fewer blinds, making it a more affordable option.
  • Increases the amount of air between the blinds and the glass of the roof, giving the heat more space to dissipate.
  • Decreases the volume of air in the room, making it easier to heat during winter.


  • Support micro-cables remain visible across the base of the lantern even after the blind is retracted.
  • The base of the lantern needs to be square, so that there are no gaps from tapering edges in the blinds.

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Excellent service, the blinds were measured and fitted by the workmen. They tidied up after themselves leaving no mess.

The blinds are lovely, we have had lots of comments on how good they look. They fit onto the window frame itself, so you still have a window ledge to put photos or ornaments.

They have made a big difference to our conservatory, changing it into another room. Just lovely.


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