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Lots of previous customers recommend Conservatory Blinds Limited because they want to help their friends and family get the right service and the right blinds, as well as excellent value for money. Plus, when you have been through the process yourself, you will probably want to save them a lot of time and anguish too, because you've already done the research.

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If the person that you recommend buys conservatory blinds from us, you will receive a voucher cheque for up to £50 once the order has been completed.

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Make sure that you have the person's permission before submitting any details.

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Terms & Conditions

Only available to UK residents aged 18+. The Company does not offer any cash alternative to/or replacement of Voucher Cheques, which must be redeemed within 6 months or become void.

You must have the permission of the person(s) that you are referring. A Voucher Cheque will only be offered if the Company has not previously had contact with the household being referred, and will only be issued when a resultant order has been satisfactorily completed. The referrer must have had a quotation or order with Conservatory Blinds Limited previously. The referrer’s details must be given to Conservatory Blinds Ltd at the time of enquiry, as claims cannot be made retrospectively.

The value of any Voucher Cheque will be dependent upon the order value placed by the person you are referring. The amount issued in a Voucher Cheque is the full amount for which the Company is liable. You are responsible for any tax, national insurance, VAT or other charges arising from the value of any voucher(s) that you redeem and agree to declare the value(s) in full to HMRC.

You must ensure that the details provided are accurate, current and complete in all respects and you must inform the Company immediately of any changes to that information. The Company disclaims all liability for any errors, omissions or miscommunication.

The maximum value of Voucher Cheques available for referrals is £150 per household per year, after which you must register as a trade referrer.

You are responsible for ensuring the correct receipt of any email issuing Voucher Cheques. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. The Company reserves the right to publish the initials, town and county of any person(s) receiving Voucher Cheques in any future marketing (e.g. Mr & Mrs X of Town Y, County Z).

For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions, Privacy Policy and the Terms of using this web site.

This promotion is in no way sponsored or endorsed by any other retailers mentioned within this web site.

The "Company" referred to above is Conservatory Blinds Limited (Reg. 4020244) of 8-10 Ruxley Lane, Ewell, Surrey KT19 0JD

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