• Style and Fit

    A Neat Fit Every Time

    We always ensure that you have blinds to be proud of.

    We pay attention to the details that make all of the difference, ensuring that you have the best fitting conservatory blinds in the UK.

  • Pure Pleated Window Blinds

    The Smallest of Shapes

    We can make blinds that fit into even the smallest windows.

    This means that there are no awkward gaps or missing blinds that you get with other blinds, so your conservatory looks finished and like part of your home.

  • Recessed Window Blinds - lifestyle

    It's all in the Details

    It's the small details that really make all the difference.

    With a choice of 10 different rail colours and powder-coated custom coloured components, our blinds feel like a natural part of the conservatory instead of a clumsy afterthought

  • Around Obstructions

    Around Obstructions

    Even if you have obstructions in the design of your conservatory, we can neatly fit blinds around them so they don't look out of place, and still have the neatest possible fit.

    This level of detail is something that you can only get from true conservatory blinds specialists.

  • Aspect Gable Blinds

    Every Aspect Covered

    We created our own unique fully operational gable blind just to ensure the neatest fit in every part of your conservatory.

    Our pureaspect™ gable blinds can completely retract without any cords covering the glass.

  • Conservatory Blinds Style and Fit

    A Real Family Room

    The style and fit of our blinds can transform your conservatory into a welcoming room for the whole family.

    Our beautiful blinds reduce glare so you can watch TV without having to block out all light.

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The Neatest Possible Fit

The inherent style and fit of our unique blinds means that you get the best fitting blinds possible for your conservatory.

The unique style and fit of our pure blinds will transform your conservatory. Because they are specifically designed for conservatories they look like part of the structure rather than a cumbersome afterthought, so they fit neatly, without the ugly gaps of traditional blind systems.

We pay specific attention to all of the little details that are unique to conservatories, which goes a long way to providing the best quality fit possible, as you can see by browsing the hundreds of examples in our Image Gallery.

You can really see the difference when you compare our window blinds that fit like no others, as well as our roof blinds with narrow tops that fit neatly around the central boss of your roof.

Our shaped blinds are another clear example of just how much neater our blinds fit, with little or no exposed glass, as well as our unique obtuse blinds and gable blinds that can completely retract, without fixed rails criss-crossing the glass and fixed areas of fabric.

We also have our own powder coating facilities as a part of our factory, which allows us to supply custom coloured blinds and components that really feel like a natural part of the room.

When we visit you, we bring all of the different shapes and types of blinds, as well as hundreds of different fabrics, so that you can see how they would look in your own conservatory and make a considered choice.

Contact us and see why we are Britain’s favourite family owned conservatory blinds specialists.

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Customer Reviews


The blinds do take several weeks to be ready but the wait was worth it. The salesman came round at the agreed time - no pushy sales just explaining the product and telling the cost. The surveyor also came at the agreed time and then returned to fit the blinds. The whole process was smooth and professionally handled. The quality, look and finish of the blinds is excellent. We are very pleased.


Why choose Conservatory Blinds Ltd?

It's the details that matter. Whether it's the way our blinds fit complex shapes or that we offer unique blinds for every pane.

We spend more on R&D than any other conservatory blind manufacturer. Every component we use is purpose designed.

Because we love what we do, and love our products. Because our staff work for us, and not for the commission.

No pressure sales, inflated prices or fake discounts - just honest, helpful advice.

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