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Neat Gable Blinds (retracted)

Neat Gable Blinds (retracted)

This image shos how neat our pureaspect™ Blinds can be when they're retracted - even larger blinds such as these.

Because of the heights involved (the installer was only just able to reach the top from one of his taller ladders), and because one of the customers has accessibility problems, all of the blinds were controlled with our puresolo™ Remote Control system, with the exception of the door blinds. This meant that they could all be controlled from a single handset at the touch of a button.

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Duette<sup>®</sup> Gable Blinds

Duette® Gable Blinds

The special honeycomb Duette® Fabric means that these large gable blinds will create an excellent insulating layer, helping control the temperature in the room throughout the year, as well as significantly reducing glare.

Thanks to the pureaspect™ system, the blinds also retract away neatly, with the stack of the fabric only covering the slightest edge of the glass.

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Neat Gable Blinds (external)

Neat Gable Blinds (external)

This external shot of our pureaspect™ Gable Blinds shows off just how much they increase privacy.

Because we were able to cover the glass with a smaller amount of large blinds instead of a lot of small ones, there are fewer gaps and the blinds look neater both from the inside and from the outside.

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 <strong><em>pure</em></strong>™ Pleated Roof Blinds in Anglesey

pure™ Pleated Roof Blinds in Anglesey

Our pure™ Pleated Blinds fitted in the roof of this L-shpae conservatory in Anglesey. We had originally fitted blinds into this conservatory back in 2002, but the customer wanted to update them.

Over 60 blinds were itted into the roof of this large beachside conservatory, which is why we were able to travel outside of our normal service area to do this job.

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Blinds in an L-Shape Conservatory

Blinds in an L-Shape Conservatory

Another view of our pure™ Pleated Blinds fitted into the roof and windows of this L-Shape conservatory in Anglesey.

Because our pure™ Pleated Blinds can retract away neatly, the wonderful view of the coast is not obstructed.

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Pleated Blinds in an L-Shape Conservatory

Pleated Blinds in an L-Shape Conservatory

Our pure™ Pleated Blinds fitted into the roof and sides of this large L-Shape conservatory in Anglesey, replacing blinds we had originally fitted back in 2002.

The new blinds are a major improvement over what was there originally, which were full of gaps between the blinds and the central coloumn and boss. Now that we were able to use our pure™ Pleated Blinds, these gaps are now gone and the blinds look much neater.

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Our  <strong><em>pure</em></strong>™ Pleated Roof Blinds

Our pure™ Pleated Roof Blinds

For a large L-Shape conservatory such as thing, the addition of conservatory blinds can make a huge difference.

Because there is so much glass to let in sunlight, the room can often become uncomfortably warm, and there will be constant glare throughout the day. By adding blinds to both the roof and the windows, the room is transformed into a more comfortable area that can be enjoyed all throughout the day.

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Duette<sup>®</sup> Creating a Comfortable Conservatory

Duette® Creating a Comfortable Conservatory

A wide shot of these Duette® Blinds in a P-shape conservatory. This photo shows how the Duette® fabric dramatically reduces heat and glare in the room, while not making it too dark on sunny days. This means that the owners of this conservatory can still use the room as both a dining room and living room, but now much more comfortably.

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Vision Window Blinds (retracted)

Vision Window Blinds (retracted)

The Vision Window blinds are shown here fully retracted, so you can see how neat they are when they are not in use.

The rest of the conservatory uses Duette® Pleated Blinds in the roof, sides, doors and the gable end. The roof and gable blinds are controlled using our exclusive puresolo™ Remote Control system, which has been designed to be used in conservatories.

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 <strong><em>pure</em></strong>™ Pinoleum Side Blinds

pure™ Pinoleum Side Blinds

These pure™ Pinoleum Blinds have been neatly fitted against these orangery windows using the child-safe SmartCord® system, which ensures that there are no long hanging cords which could potentially pose a danger to children.

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Lantern Roof Blind with Duette<sup>®</sup> Fabric

Lantern Roof Blind with Duette® Fabric

We were able to cover the bottom of this lantern roof with just a single Duette® blind, for the neatest possible way of covering the glass.

This type of horizontal blind is a great alternative to individually fitting blinds to each pane of glass, both because it reduces the amount of blinds needed and because it has the effect of reducing the amount of air in the room, making it easier to heat in winter.

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Duette<sup>®</sup> Lantern Roof Blinds

Duette® Lantern Roof Blinds

Horizontal lantern roof blinds help reduce the effects of the sun throughout the day, reducing heat-build and and glare, while also offering extra insulation during the winter.

The Duette® fabric is ideal for this type of blind, both because it's suited for large and simple shapes (such as the rectangular base of a lantern roof), and because it's honeycomb construction helps create an insulating layer.

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