• Pure Pinoleum Blinds

    pure™ Pinoleum Blinds

    Our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds are ideal in a timber conservatory, as they create a traditional style, with a contemporary finish.

    We can even custom finish your blinds to exactly match the finish of your conservatory.

  • Pure Pinoleum Blinds

    Perfect Atmosphere

    Pinoleum blinds retain the light and airy atmosphere of your conservatory, creating a dappled shade that reduces glare.

    Coupled with our unique solar lining you can reduce heat and UV, as well as create privacy and increase thermal insulation like no other blind.

  • Neat Fitting Roof Blinds

    Unique pure™ technology ensures the neatest fitting pinoleum roof blinds that are easy to operate and easy to keep clean.

    We design shaped roofs blinds to neatly recess between timber rafters, or for surface-mounting to UPVC conservatories.

  • Pinoleum Blinds with Solar Lining for privacy and heat insulation

    Solar Lined Pinoleum

    Our unique solar lined pinoleum blinds provide privacy and vastly increased thermal insulation.

    Solar lined pinoleum is just like having two blinds in one, but you still have all of the natural light, so you won't be darkening your conservatory or adjoining rooms.

  • Pinoleum Blinds

    The Widest Choice

    Choose from standard colours or custom palette pinoleum.

    A choice of different woods and weaves in French Pinoleum and Smoothweave, as well as a wide range of genuine Farrow & Ball® paints for English Pinoleum.

    The widest choice in the UK.

  • Remote Control Pinoleum Blinds

    Remote Control

    Remote Control Pinoleum Blinds for timber conservatories.

    Choose our exclusive puresolo™ remote control for large roofs or window blinds. Select pureduo™ for standard conservatory roofs, or purezero™ if you have a small conservatory.

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Pinoleum BlindsPinoleum Blinds

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Transform your conservatory with our unique pure Pinoleum Blinds that combine the appearance of traditional Pinoleum woven wood with the most advanced conservatory blinds technology.

Specifically designed to neatly fit any conservatory or orangery, our unique pure Pinoleum Blinds create an inviting atmosphere without reducing natural light.

Made from woven wood, edged with acrylic braid to create a durable blind that will last for years, even in the hostile environment of a conservatory.

Optional solar lining provides fantastic heat insulation all year round, whilst keeping the light and airy atmosphere of your conservatory, with the benefit of added privacy that is simply not otherwise possible. The blinds keep your conservatory cool in the summer, warm in the winter and stop UV from fading your furniture

Our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds are available with a choice of weaves, woods, textures, stitching and edge braiding, in a range of Heritage colours or Farrow & Ball® paints, allowing you to perfectly match the blinds with your conservatory. 

What makes our pure™ blinds so unique is their ability to neatly fit into almost any conservatory, even in the awkward or unusual shapes that you may find with some conservatory roof blinds. But more than that, they are designed to be simple to operate, easy to keep clean, and safe for children.

Our pure Pinoleum Blinds have tensioned roof blinds and cord-operated window blinds with cleats, or are available with our exclusive remote control blind systems.

See how pure™ Pinoleum Blinds can transform your conservatory by contacting us for a free quotation.

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The work was accomplished quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption and mess. Any mess made was effectively cleared up. The end product was just what we wanted and has fulfilled the purpose of keeping the conservatory cooler. All of the work proceeded according to the agreed schedule.


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