Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Autumn 2016

Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Autumn 2016

It is once again time to announce the winner of our Conservatory Blinds Feedback Award. Every three months we award a £50 voucher cheque to what we feel has been the best review we have had in that time.

The latest award winner is Mr & Mrs A in Suffolk, who kindly sent in a review about their Pleated Blinds that were fitted all the way back in 2009:

“We contacted Conservatory Blinds Limited in early 2009, and we agreed a quotation for our conservatory to be fitted out with retractable Pleated blinds by May 2009.

On the day the blinds were being fitted the Technician found a problem that the conservatory roof that was fitted with a damaged roof rail, which was covered up by a plastic moulding. All credit to Conservatory Blinds Ltd, their policy is that they did not complete the fitting of the roof blinds until the roof rail damage was corrected.

On completion of the blinds being fitted we are completely satisfied with them in respect to quality of materials, fitment, the service from the company from quotation to contract completion, and most importantly the blinds do the job, as well as ease of operation.

Finally we did look at a local company in Felixstowe, Suffolk, but their blinds would have had a half inch gap at the corners of the conservatory (which was defeating the object of having blinds). Plus, although cheaper, the quality of the blinds were poor.

Rarely do we recommend a company, their products and their service, but we have no hesitation in saying if you want blinds this company is really good. After all, ours are now over 7 years old.”

With most installations we don't get a lot of information about how well the blinds have worked once they have been fitted, unless a customer contacts us for a maintenance visit or, like this, they send us feedback several years after the fact. That's why we appreciate reviews like this one, as it lets us know that our blinds are still making the conservatory a more comfortable room throughout the year.

If you would like to send your own review of our blinds, our service or even this website, all you need to do is fill in this form.

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