What should I look out for when comparing quotations?

When comparing quotations between retailers you will often find huge differences in specification. Not only will the blinds and fabric differ between retailers, but most will only price for very large blinds covering multiple panes of roof glazing. 

Of course the companies themselves will differ enormously too - from a large direct-sales company to a one-man band that just sells and then subcontracts everything out.

See below for our top 5 things to look out for when comparing quotations:

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  1. Are you comparing the same quantity of blinds?
    Quite often you will find that you have no written record of the number of blinds or they have assumed very big blinds to keep the cost as low as possible.
  2. Are you comparing exactly the same blinds? 
    This is nearly always not the case. Have you been shown actual blinds and real installation photos? You will often only be shown some fabrics and general "marketing photos".
  3. Beware of quotations that are much cheaper than others. 
    There is probably a good reason why. Check the retailer at Companies House to see how long a company has been trading. You can also purchase other information about the company.
  4. Check to see if a blind company is a member of the BBSA.
    If they are you can also see whether they are conservatory blind specialists or general blind retailers. Their web site or brochure (if they have one) should give you a good impression.
  5. Are they a real business? 
    Many retailers claim to be established manufacturers when they actually buy blinds elsewhere and work from home. Ensure that you have the retailers true contact details rather than a "virtual office" address or just an "0845 number". Search the Internet to see if the company's true telephone number corresponds to the supposed address. You can even visually check addresses using aerial maps (e.g. Google maps) to see if they are a home-based business.


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