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  • 20 Years Conservatory Blinds

    20 Years Old

    This year marks our 20th anniversary, so we take a look at what has changed over the years... the company, our blinds and conservatories themselves.
  • Conservatory Blinds Customer Video Review

    Conservatory Blinds Customer Video Review

    In this video a customer from Nottingham discusses her experience with our company and how our blinds have transformed her conservatory.
  • Everyone at Conservatory Blinds Limited

    Everyone at Conservatory Blinds Limited

    Just a few photographs showing everyone working here at Conservatory Blinds Limited, taken outside of our factory premises in Ashford, Kent.
  • Almost Invisible Blinds

    Almost Invisible Blinds

    Our conservatory blinds can retract away to look almost invisible - to the point where images of retracted blinds can be mistaken for images without blinds at all.
  • Unique After Sales Care

    Unique After Sales Care

    Our unique online Care & Maintenance guide provides you with everything you need to know about your blinds, including videos on resolving simple issues.
  • How Fabric Colour Changes With Shading

    How Fabric Colour Changes With Shading

    Following on from a news article in May, we have another good example of how local shading can dramatically alter the apparent colour of your blinds.
  • Professional Conservatory Blinds Vans

    Professional Vehicles

    An exclusive inside view of our van fleet, showing how they are uniquely designed for the specific needs of our Conservatory Blinds Installers.
  • Designing and Manufacturing Conservatory Blinds

    Designing and Manufacturing Conservatory Blinds

    A new video showcasing the development of our unique technology, making us the only true designers and manufacturers of conservatory blinds in the UK.
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Latest News

Conservatory Blinds Wiltshire Page Updated
Customer Comments
Conservatory Blinds Wiltshire page updated with customer feedback from Devizes in Wiltshire where we installed Pure pleated window blinds.  Read more…
250,000 conservatory blinds
Customer Advice
We estimate that we will sell our 250,000th blind sometime during the course of January 2010 - that's a quarter of a million blinds!  Read more…
Conservatory Blinds Prices Update
Web Site
We have updated our conservatory blinds prices to include our latest budget pleated blinds and fabrics. Batch end fabrics are not included and so would be even cheaper.  Read more…
Conservatory Blinds Sale Now On
Customer Advice
Conservatory Blinds Sale now on until 31.01.10 with up to 50% off RRP and at least 25% off all conservatory blinds.  Read more…
Backlog of Work
Customer Advice
The inclement weather has created an unavoidable backlog of work which we are endeavouring to clear during the course of the next week or so.  Read more…
Severe Weather
Customer Advice
With severe snow across the country we are once again warning customers that we may experience unavoidable delays.  Read more…
Happy New Year
Customer Advice
Happy New Year from Conservatory Blinds Limited! Our factory and offices are open again today after the Christmas break.  Read more…

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